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DIGITAL: ÏDKIDS polishes its digital shop windows

Okaïdi, Oxybul and ÏDKIDS—the ÏDKIDS community store brands—are now able to monitor and update their digital image in real time. How? Mathilde, who is responsible for accelerating the Okaïdi, Oxybul and ÏDKIDS omnichannel transformation, answers our questions.

What is a store’s “digital shop window”?

It’s now a go-to gateway! We all have the same habit when we go shopping: we look online before we visit the physical store. Studies confirm:

75% of internet users who visit a store have looked online first*

  • 60% consider peer reviews to be important (an increase of 30% since 2017**)
  • 61% of internet users choose a store with a rating of 4 stars or more and 29% choose a store with 3 stars***

It is also important to be aware that the content of a store’s Google listing directly influences a brand’s web ranking in each customer catchment area. Google rewards “fresh” information and customer/brand interaction.

So, having completely redesigned the customer experience at  ÏDKIDS with the #MAGIK project, it was important for us to make it easier for the relevant staff—the store teams—to take ownership of this content.

How did you give them ownership of this content?

To make it easier, we set up a digital platform: Uberall. This tool was used to centralize the information and communicate any changes or reviews posted, almost in real time. It makes it easier for our teams:

  • to update essential practical information such as addresses, opening hours, directions and store photos;  
  • to respond to reviews posted by store customers, whether positive or negative.

Lastly, what is the key goal of this initiative?  

First and foremost, it is about giving our customers reliable information in real time.

It also allows the brand’s reputation to be managed at the heart of the business—in the stores—by the people responsible for dealing with our customers on a day-to-day basis: the store teams. And we can also improve our Google ranking by keeping our practical information constantly up-to-date.

Another step closer to omnicanality and the #MAGIKexperience we want to offer each of our customers!

  • Sources : *Google / ** Shopper experience index Bazaarvoice / *** Etude BrightLocal

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