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Third intake of apprentice assistant store managers!

Every year a training and cultural integration day is held for the latest intake of apprentice students studying for their bachelor’s degree while working in store for all the brands in the ÏDKIDS community.

The aim is to train these young apprentices and familiarize them with the group’s corporate culture. This will create a mobile and dynamic pool of talent for assistant store manager and store manager posts. All the brands in the ÏDKIDS community in France and abroad will benefit from it.

The programme for the 10 students from the 2017/2018 intake includes: manager-led training on the basics of the role, an in-depth look at the ÏDKIDS community (including history, values, progressive approach and commitments), discussion of their expectations and perceptions of the role, self-awareness workshops to help them manage better (including a VAK test), and working in groups on the theme of “Reinventing the in-store customer experience”, one of this year’s areas of strategic focus. Along with plenty of opportunities for discussion and interaction!

  • Vanessa is a store manager in Amiens who was a mentor during the first two intakes of students

“I was a mentor during the first intake of apprentice assistant store managers and wanted to do it a second time because I found it very constructive both for my team and the store network. All of the staff were welcoming and proud to share their knowledge of the ÏDKIDS community values: Respect, Sharing and Progress. It was a success for me personally which led to networking opportunities between Okaïdi and Oxybul as my student gradually became part of the ÏDKIDS community.

As a mentor, there is no better reward than seeing someone’s potential and helping them to fulfil it.”

Previous intakes in figures:

  • One year after the 2015 intake of 13 apprentice students, 7 were employed on a permanent basis and 2 continued their work placement within our brand community.
  • Of the 2016 intake, 7 of the 14 students were employed on a permanent basis and 4 continued their studies.

These figures speak for themselves: offering apprenticeships to students is a great way to identify new talent and recruit future employees. This type of contract ties in well with the values of the ÏDKIDS community and its desire to support young talent!

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