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About us

IDKIDS ecosystem
Communities and places forging bonds

IDKIDS: an ecosystem of citizens and parents

Employees, franchisees, partners, suppliers, stakeholders, customers, parents and children constitute the IDKIDS ECOSYSTEM united around one project: We Act For Kids. This project requires all members of the community to act individually and as a group to ensure the wellbeing and advancement of children around the world.

IDKIDS: an ecosystem of beneficial and involved brands and early childhood experts

Our members are all driven by the same commitment to We Act for Kids, helping children develop and grow and promoting successful parenting.

IDKIDS: a physical and digital space bringing together and forging links between parents, children and the world

We offer a rigorous selection of products, services and advice all in one place that:

  • Meet children’s every need as they grow.
  • Promote their development and independence.
  • Are developed in strict compliance with our HESSERBraC CSR charter.

This selection is made from among our own brands as well as guest brands that share our values and commitments. It is supported by ‘play and learn’ workshops incorporating creative classes, birthday parties, demonstrations and parent/children sessions that forge bonds and stimulate the senses.

Consistent development
  • Jean Duforest and Jean-Luc Souflet take over the children’s segment of the Camaïeu group, i.e. 30 stores and 100 employees. Their goal is “doing business to make a better world for growing children”. 1996
  • The Okaïdi brand is officially launched. 2000
  • Okaïdi expands internationally. 2001
  • Okaïdi launches Obaïbi dedicated to the wellbeing of little ones aged 0 to 5. 2002
  • The Okworld charity is created. Its goal is to sponsor initiatives that champion and protect children all over the world. 2003
  • Rigolo Comme La Vie is founded to run flexible attendance early childhood centres (crèches) and forge links between communities and companies. 2005
  • Jacadi, a classic brand inspired by French children's fashion heritage, joins the family. 2005
  • Véronique Delachaux, a clothing brand for pregnant women, joins the family. 2005
  • The now multibrand company becomes ÏDGROUP. 2005
  • We Act for Kids spotlights our 1996 founding mission statement for our customers: “Work to make a better world for growing children”. 2010
  • Eveil et Jeux, later renamed Oxybul-Eveil et Jeux, joins the stable of brands. 2010
  • The French parenting magazine Bubble Mag is added to the mix. 2011
  • V. Delachaux launches the OB’Mum line. 2013
  • The Des Etoiles Plein Les Yeux and Rigolo Comme La Vie crèche networks merge. Rigolo Comme La Vie changes its status from an association to a socially responsible company. 2015
  • The www.idkids.com website, a digital community of brands, experts and customers of all the group’s brands, is launched. 2015
  • M’Animations, a company that specializes in organizing ‘play and learn’ workshops, joins the group. M’Animations becomes N’Joy. 2016
  • Collaboration with ConsoBaby, the website for parents who want to know what they’re buying. 2017
  • ÏDGROUP becomes the IDKIDS ecosystem 2017
  • Welcoming of the Kidiliz brands 2020
  • Launch of the new fidelity program: IDKIDS Family 2021
  • Absorba and Oxybul moved on idkids.com 2022
Key figures
2018 917.7 Sales in €m 1264 Stores
2017 928.5 Sales in €m 1237 Stores
2016 861 Sales in €m 1112 Stores
2015 777 Sales in €m 1045 Stores
2014 741 Sales in €m 1020 Stores
2013 763 Sales in €m 1049 Stores
2012 761 Sales in €m 1092 Stores
2011 767 Sales in €m 1112 Stores
2021 853 Sales in €m 1270 Stores
International presence