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For 20 years, the ÏDKIDS community has worked to make a better world for growing children.

This visionary project embodied by WE ACT FOR KIDS involves us all with creating and distributing products and services that embrace HESSERBraC (Human, Entrepreneurial, Social, Societal and Environmental Responsibility of our Brands dedicated to Children), our global CSR initiative.

Each of our brands represents this commitment in its collections or services depending on its mission and territory.

To achieve our ambition, we have formalised an ÏDKIDS design charter.
Its ten keywords represent markers to guide the design of our products and services, always supporting a beneficial and socially-active approach for children and the planet.

Discover our design charter

  • Bringing out the best in every child.

  • Enabling every child to be self-motivated, happy and responsible.

  • Helping parents and their children grow with confidence.

  • Reinventing and passing on the magic of childhood.

  • Taking care of little ones. Always.

  • Respecting and encouraging the creative wonder of every child

  • Ideas hub for discerning and enquiring parents.

  • The website for parents who want to know what they’re buying.

  • Learning experiences made for sharing.

  • Creating community ties through childcare.

  • Publishing musical content for families

  • Journey-sharing made child’s play!