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Our vision

Doing business differently

In 1996 OKAÏDI decided to make We Act for Kids a cornerstone of its mission statement. Since then, Rigolo Comme La Vie, Jacadi, Oxybul, Bubble, N’Joy and ConsoBaby and ex-Kidiliz brands have all joined us.

They make up the IDKIDS ecosystem and strengthen our determination and credibility in:

harnessing business to make a better world
for growing children.

For 20 years we have chosen to do business differently, and from the outset we made corporate, social and environmental issues a priority with our HESSERBraC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter. We choose to do business differently by working with beneficial and involved brands.

Brands that work with and for children. Brands that design universal products and services that are responsible, sustainable and outlast trends. We choose to do business differently to make business a driving force for change and civic engagement. To help every member of the community feel that their goals and actions are meaningful and useful.

In 2016, the company decided to go further still and place people at the centre of its progressive charter: H.E.S.S.E.R.Bra.C. An opportunity to reaffirm the true meaning of its commitment: We Act for Kids – We Act for People!