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Become a franchisee

Being a franchisee
Writing the future of our brands together

Since Okaïdi was created, its founders Jean Duforest and Jean-Luc Souflet have formed franchise partnerships. Expanding the network of franchise stores was the springboard to launching the IDKIDS ecosytem internationally. Twenty five years later, franchisees and partners are still an important part of the story with some even passing their stores on to their children. Let’s continue to write the future of all the brands in the IDKIDS ecosystem in France and around the world!

The average age of our franchise stores is 17

Continuous growth

The reliability and consistency of our business activities have led to continuous revenue growth and the acquisition of new brands. In 2016, the group’s 20-year anniversary was an opportunity to reaffirm our founding commitment “working to make a better world for growing children” with the We Act For Kids label.


Our future goals:

  • Strengthen our presence in France.
  • Expand our brands in countries where they are already present.
  • Use new store formats.
  • Break into new markets.
  • Franchise the new IDKIDS multibrand hub concept.
  • We want to continue to develop all our brands by:
  • Pursuing the expansion of Okaïdi in France and around the world.
  • Accelerating the growth of Jacadi Paris in particular.
  • Accelerating Oxybul store openings in France and opening international stores.
A “glocal” approach

Our growth depends on the quality of our relationships with our franchisees

People are at the heart of our success:

  • Being caring and supportive.
  • Communicating our brands’ values.
  • High expectations.
  • Making work meaningful through We Act For Kids.

Acting glocally

Twenty years of franchise experience has enabled us to perfect a system of bespoke support for every partner within the overarching concept of each of our brands. This is what we refer to as acting “glocally”. Its principles:

  • Taking care of support teams.
  • Having local teams in the field.
  • Listening properly.
  • Making top management accessible.
  • Adapting to specific local and cultural characteristics.

Acting methodically

  • Dedicated teams, locally and in head office.
  • Full inclusion in our brand networks and their action plans.
  • Shared tools and best practice.
  • Presentation of each new collection.
  • Feedback meetings.
  • Meetings with management.
  • Regular visits by area managers.
  • Continuous training programme.
We want you
Entrepreneurs who know their markets

Do you believe our brands would make an impact in your market? Would you like to help them grow while respecting the uniqueness and cohesiveness of their concept? Do you share the values of We Act For Kids? Join the ÏDKIDS community by opening a franchise store for one of our brands!

To succeed together we are looking for entrepreneurs who are:

  • Passionate about customers.
  • In it for the long haul.
  • Experts in their trade.
  • Retail professionals with experience of other brands.
  • Willing and able to open several stores in the same geographical area.
  • Located in an urban area with good potential.
Ideal size of premises
Okaïdi: 150-200 sqm
Jacadi: 100 sqm
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