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Ideas hub for discerning and enquiring parents.

Positive initiatives, creative parenting, innovative education, embracing diversity, meaningful objects, learning through play, DIY for all, a welcoming environment: Bubble inspires parents to be caring and curious.

Bubble is a multichannel brand currently active through six media: a free magazine, a website, a newsletter, events and publications


 Bubble’s main objective is to offer a positive vision of parenting, because having a child is an incredible opportunity to see the world differently, build a future, rejoice in life, rediscover optimism – and quite simply grow! Bubble Mag is a voice for positive parenting whose universal methods have been scientifically proven by the latest fascinating research on children’s brains.


On its website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, Bubble brings together a community of more than 400,000 parents who share the same desire to support their children and spend quality time with them.

Bubble is a multichannel brand active through six media


 Published four times a year, Bubble Mag is a free magazine full of contemporary ideas and helpful advice to inspire today’s parents seeking common sense, quality and special family time. With a circulation of more than 150,000 copies (OJD statistics) at over 1,000 points of sale throughout France, Bubble Mag is the number two French parenting magazine. Browse the latest edition of Bubble


All year round the Bubble website and Bubble News share ideas for creative family fun (e.g. games, DIY activities, bedtime routines) and explain our children’s sometimes confusing behaviour in a practical way!


 Bubble Events regularly bring together members of the Bubble community – parents, grandparents, children and friends – to enjoy cultural workshops, fun DIY activities, children’s meditation, educational apps, parent-children games and much more.


Bubble Books incorporate calendars, audiobooks, children’s literature, mooks and other publications aimed at young and old alike that take up and expand on Bubble creations, thoughts and discoveries, each in their own unique way!

Key figures
  •  10 years.
  • 43 Bubble Mags.
  • 15,000 Bubble News subscribers.
  • 70 DIY activities.
  • 56 Bedtime Babbles.
  •  150,000 copies circulated.
  • 425,000 fans.
  • 96% of readers either like or love Bubble.
  • 64% of readers keep their copies.