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ÏDKIDS employees raise 4,500 euros to educate children in Bangladesh

After the Braderie de Lille race on 18 November, it was the turn of teams from Oxybul and Jacadi to run to raise money for the ÏDKIDS foundation at the Urgent Run Paris!

On 2 September ÏDKIDS staff in the Hauts-de-France region took part in the Braderie de Lille race. Th funds they raised paid for the schooling of two hundred 11-to-12-year-olds in Dhaka. This schooling programme, supported by Okaïdi since 2014, has helped to educate children from ten slums in Bangladesh.

Each runner had to find sponsors from among their friends, family and co-workers who would donate an amount per kilometre (e.g. 50 cents, one/five/ten euros). In addition, ÏDKIDS pledged to double their sponsors’ donations. The funds raised would go towards financing the education of 11-to-12-year-olds in Dhaka, with one year of education costing 100 euros.

Staff in Paris then followed up this achievement by taking part in the Urgent Run Paris. The aim of the race was to raise awareness in the media and among the public about poor sanitary conditions and raise funds to set up programmes to remedy this. Eight hundred runners took part in the race, which was held from 8am to 1pm in the Bois de Boulogne, choosing to run either 5km, 10km or 15km. Just one race helped support two worthy causes!

Our employees managed to raise 2,250 euros and with the matching contribution by ÏDKIDS, the grand total was 4,500 euros. This means 45 more children in Bangladesh can receive an education.

Some feedback from our employees:

  • Carole, Oxybul e-merchandiser

    As a regular runner I’d already participated in this type of event (Paris-Versailles and the Color Run). We wanted to run for the foundation after our colleagues in Hauts-de-France ran in the Braderie de Lille race. The Urgent Run was a sensible choice because the three options to choose from let everyone run the distance that suited their fitness level. It’s a great opportunity to get to know other members of the group we don’t usually work with. This time I met two colleagues from Jacadi who were also signed up for the Choco Trail on 10 December. Now I’m signed up as well! There was a great atmosphere and the course through the Bois de Boulogne was very enjoyable. Our next goal is to take part in a race with our store colleagues – maybe next spring!

  • Kim, Oxybul head of Internet marketing

    I started running to train for this event – and I think I’m going to continue! I wanted to take part because of the fundraising aspect – running for a cause is really motivating! It also gives you the chance to talk about the cause to your friends and family while you’re looking for sponsors. And it’s a great opportunity to do your bit with your colleagues and get to know them. We had a fantastic time together with lots of positive energy and we even surprised ourselves with our achievements. Great for team building!

  • Isabelle, group communications manager

    Sporty, fun and worthwhile – what more could you ask for? I’d like to thank the foundation for turning this great event into something positive for the children of Bangladesh. When’s the next one?

  • Cédric, Oxybul buyer

    I like to think of myself as sporty, but I’m really just a Sunday runner. My training for the 15km race was a bit last-minute, but I have no regrets. Our focus and motivation for taking part in this race went way beyond a simple sporting event. Besides trying to get a good time, running for a cause – raising money to educate children in need – helped us forget the pain of the race and our aching muscles the next day. The race also gave us an opportunity to spend time with colleagues outside of work. Everyone helped create an amazing atmosphere. Running side by side, dressing up for the photo and rallying for a good cause brought the different teams together and helped us see our colleagues in a whole new light. On a more personal note, this race made me want to start training again and I’m very grateful to the organizers for that!”

  • Catherine, Oxybul brand manager

    I’m a regular runner but had stopped training because of a knee problem. Yet I was very keen to take part in this event. I chose the 5km option and managed the whole race without any problems. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, the setting was perfect and we were all there to support a good cause! It was also an opportunity to get to know colleagues from other departments. The runners and sponsors were all so enthusiastic. Helping to educate children is a powerful motivator!”

  • Wafa, Oxybul web developer

    “Running has always been my stress release and a way to relax. I regularly run about 8km at the gym. I was already involved in a number of different charity projects, so running for a good cause made me want to stretch myself. I opted for the 15km. On D-day I was worried that I had overestimated my ability, but with perseverance I made it! Once I have a goal in mind I do everything in my power to attain it. I am all the more proud because the funds raised are going to a humanitarian project. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

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