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Okaïdi Italy takes mini-donation drive to new heights

Donations of €91,138 from Italian customers collected at 104 stores by 595 employees

During mini-donation campaigns, customers are asked to round up their spend to the nearest euro on behalf of a charity supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation. It was launched by ÏDKIDS in France in 2015 and has since spread abroad.

Congratulations to our Italian staff and a giant thank you to all their customers whose generosity in the 2018 festive season knew no bounds. Once again the charity supported this year was Dynamo Camp. The Dynamo Foundation provides holidays for acutely and chronically ill children aged 6 to 17 when they come out of hospital. It seeks to give them an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in a holiday setting. This helps build their confidence in their abilities and potential and puts a smile back on their faces. 

“Our therapeutic recreational activities help them discover their potential and new ways of learning. The benefits are long-term and improve their ability to cope with their illness.” – Nunzia, head of corporate donor relations at Dynamo Camp

Italian teams interview :

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