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Okaïdi down jackets with Sustans® fibre

Stay nice and warm this winter while respecting the environment in one of Okaïdi’s down jackets filled with Sustans® fibre. It’s so comfy!

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, Okaïdi uses advanced materials made in part from renewable, plant-based fibres like thermoregulating Sustans® in its collections. This fibre is comfortable and breathable with excellent thermal insulation and heat retention.

And it’s more environmentally-friendly as it’s made from corn. The corn is fermented, which uses less energy and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This progressive initiative is highlighted in store by the use of the ÏD+ label, helping customers make informed choices about responsible consumption.
Okaïdi has produced four exclusive products containing this fibre, two down jackets for Autumn-Winter 2016 and two new products for 2017.
Check them out!
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