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Rigolo Comme La Vie partners with the Big Week for Little Ones

From 12 to 18 March 2018 this event will run for its 5th year with the theme “All change: make a move and make things happen. Stand tall and surpass yourself. Make the space your own. Move and be moved. Grow!”

Supported by the French Health Ministry and the National Child Benefits Office, this has been the leading national event devoted to early childhood for the last five years. Organized by Agir pour la Petite Enfance, its aim is to promote infant learning, highlight the valuable work done by professionals and provide parenting support through discussions and get-togethers.

Any venue that hosts young children can take part including crèches, playgroups, drop-in daycare centres and nurseries. During this week the professionals invite the parents to come and share in workshops and games with their children at the venue. The aim is to encourage a three-way dialogue between the parent, child and professional and promote early learning.

With 10,000 venues, 70,000 professionals and 250,000 families taking part in 2018, the Big Week for Little Ones promises to break all records!

Rigolo Comme La Vie, the leading crèche network in the Hauts-de-France region and a member of the ÏDKIDS community, was keen to take part as an institutional partner.

As a key player in the childcare sector, its mission to create community ties is fully in line with the event’s values. Its goal is to continue with its commitment to supportive education and share its expertise with families, parents and professionals.

Six Rigolo Comme La Vie crèches will also organize meaningful activities focusing on children’s movements within and interaction with their environment. The crèches taking part are those in St-Amand les Eaux, Roubaix-Horace Vernet, Roubaix – Noémi, Roubaix – Sésame, Lambres-lez-Douai and Rennes. Each will offer activities based on this theme, adapting them to its educational model in keeping with the values of Rigolo Comme La Vie.

More about Agir pour la Petite Enfance
The charity carries out work in the field through key players in the childcare sector, including institutions, professionals and parents. Its aim is for them to work together to overcome the challenges faced by very young children and parents, advance early learning and supportive education, share best practice and highlight the work carried out by childcare professionals.
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