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Oxybul’s first mini-donation campaign

From 4 June to 8 July 2018 Oxybul customers were asked to round up their total spend to support Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance.

This community initiative has been held in ÏDKIDS community stores twice a year since 2015. The idea is to give a little to make a big difference.

Every year the mini-donation campaign grows bigger, with more and more of the community’s brands taking part. It has even spread abroad! All of the funds raised are donated to charities working to help vulnerable children supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

In June 2018 Oxybul joined the campaign with a drive held from 4 June to 8 July to raise funds for Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance. This charity ties in nicely with Oxybul’s mission to bring out the best in every child and works with key stakeholders from the childcare, childhood, child protection and child education sectors. It is expanding its activities to raise awareness of supportive education methods. It keeps up with key international developments in neuroscience to help guide educational decisions and allow everyone to contribute to building a better world.

Examples of other projects supported by the ÏDKIDS community:

The Early Childhood and Parenting train, which travelled through 14 French cities between 2 and 20 November 2017.  Its role was to help its 40,000 visitors learn how to better support developing children and fight against inequality.

The “Dis-moi” video series, comprising 50 videos that help promote the principles of supportive education and show how important neuroscientific discoveries are to children’s development.

Support our mini-donation campaign to help children in need!

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