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Okaïdi partners with Blue, the new Disneynature film

Okaïdi regularly teaches children about sustainable development and protecting the environment, especially the oceans. Teaming up with Blue is another way of awakening their sense of wonder and their desire to protect our marine ecosystem from a very young age.

The film dives into the incredible depths of the ocean to explore, understand and be fascinated by this ever-mysterious and surprising world. Inspired by a universe in which nature creates wonderful colours, shapes and sounds, Okaïdi is inviting its customers to (re-)experience the Blue journey and the magic of its undersea creatures through a capsule collection of T-shirts and pyjamas for children aged 3 months to 14 years. The animal motifs are complemented by messages encouraging the children to explore and protect the riches found on the ocean floor. Children can take part in ‘play and learn’ activities on the biodiversity of marine species at www.okaidi.com.

For an even more interactive experience, new ocean-themed challenges can be found at Planet Challenge, an app designed by Okaïdi. Fun and educational, this free app teaches children aged 6 and over about what they can do to protect the oceans.

Visit the Okaïdi website to find out more!

There are also ocean-themed workshops planned in ÏDKIDS stores (you can sign up in store or call our sales teams to book).


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  • Anne Pirot, Okaïdi brand manager

“In addition to its own eco-design initiatives, Okaïdi regularly teaches children about protecting the environment. Partnering with Disneynature on Blue is a new and exciting way to feed their curiosity about nature and stimulate their desire to protect it.”

  • Carole Balducci, Disneynature manager

“By teaming up with committed brands like Okaïdi, Disneynature can showcase our magnificent planet to the widest possible audience and make everyone want to protect it. The Walt Disney Company France is proud to launch its first clothing collection with Okaïdi, a company that shares Disneynature’s values and aims to raise awareness from a very young age. Because preserving our biodiversity is a priority, we are creating content, spreading knowledge, making commitments and sharing emotions so that as many people as possible are inspired to take action.”

  • Keith Scholey, director of Blue

“We wanted this film to give the audience a sense of wonder. Above all else we wanted them to understand that the reef – this incredible underwater city – can only survive if all of its inhabitants are living on it. All the animals and plants are interconnected. It shows how ecology works in the natural world and how everything is underpinned by the community.”

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The documentary was directed by Keith Scholey (African Cats, Bears) and Alastair Fothergill and is narrated by Cécile de France. It took over a year to film in ten different countries (USA, Mozambique, Bahamas, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Tahiti and Australia). On their journey through the rich and fragile environment of the world’s coral reefs, the dolphins are our guides and share the ocean’s great story with us. It’s the story of where we come from and what we will become. A universal story that will resonate with all of us.

  • More about Disneynature

Disneynature is a Walt Disney film unit dedicated to showcasing the beauty and fragility of nature through authentic, captivating and meaningful stories. Its mission is to leverage the awe-inspiring beauty of nature to motivate people to help preserve our biodiversity. To date nine of these films have been produced for the big screen, directed by the industry’s best film-makers and attracting global audiences of more than 30 million.

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