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Oxytalk: Oxybul listens to what its community has to say!

On 5 February an initial meeting was held between Oxybul’s product teams and primary school teachers at the brand’s headquarters in Paris.

To better meet the needs of children and their parents, Oxybul relies on recommendations from members of its community: parents and grandparents to help design new products and experts (child psychiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists, childcare professionals and staff from the ÏDKIDS community crèche network Rigolo Comme La Vie) to endorse them. The relationships formed at these meetings with parent-testers and seasoned educators continue to flourish over the years.

Oyxtalk is a great way for the brand to benefit from the expert opinions of preschool and primary school teachers.

The perfect forum for sharing information and offering mutual enrichment.

It helps Oxybul to expand its expertise in children’s education programmes to better meet their learning needs. As Pierre, Oxybul product manager, points out: “We want to make learning fun, and consulting with experts helps us make our products relevant to what the children are learning at school.”

For teachers it is an opportunity to (re)discover Oxybul’s expertise and the benefits its ‘play and learn’ products can bring to their job. To wit:

  • In preschool, role play has been considered a core learning component in school curricula for the past few years.
  • And in primary school, concrete concepts and experimentation are both a key part of what is taught. Another point of note is that a more diverse range of skills is now being developed, including language, mathematics, physical and artistic activities and exploring the world.

These developments tie in with Oxybul’s belief that ALL children’s talents should be developed, with toys for the heart (to create, invent and freely express themselves), toys for the body (to explore, expend their energy, test their limits and discover nature) and toys for the mind (to discover, learn, share and challenge themselves while having fun).

In the end, all the discussions converged on the same objective: use play to bring out the best in every child.

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