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Happy Birthday Bubble!

To celebrate its 10th birthday and the launch of its publications in bookshops, Bubble invited its readers to blow out its candles.

The family event took place on Sunday 19 November from 10am to 6pm at the Tale Me Lab, a responsible social company that rents out designer clothing for pregnant women and young children (aged 0-6). All the clothing available for hire is 100% European or Fair Trade certified.

Bubble invited around a hundred people to share in this very special family event (including readers, influencers, advertisers, customers and employees from ÏDKIDS brands). Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a positive learning experience through fun workshops inspired by Bubble’s three publications: the Bubble Family Guide, the Big Book of Manners and the Bubble Calendar 2018.

Among the highlights were making worry dolls that you can tell your troubles to, creating a “wheel of emotions” for children with a positive parenting coach to help the parents, a very lively music workshop with Zanimomusic (music learning audiobook), a table for learning to play Badaboom (one of Oxybul’s flagship products) and a blindfolded obstacle course to teach parents and children to trust each other. Not forgetting the delicious table of sweet treats created by Fika, a concept store that introduces the delights of French and Swedish pastries to people of all ages.

The day ended on a high with enthusiastic parents, excited children and twenty or so Instagram stories from delighted participants.

The Bubble team would like to thank everyone who contributed to this warm and friendly event!

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