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GOOD NEWS: ConsoBaby supports “Made in France”

How can solidarity be encouraged and beneficial between brands? Camille LEHUR, social media manager for Consobaby, tells us:

The Made in France contest launched by ConsoBaby wrapped up on 19 April. What was different about this contest?

It was a solidarity-based contest.
These are challenging times for many companies, and so ConsoBaby chose to raise the visibility of 18 Made in France brands.

For these brands, this means free promotion among a targeted group of consumers to support their businesses (communication on social media to 200,000 Facebook fans and 7,000 Instagram followers, and a newsletter sent to 38,000 parents).

For parents who follow ConsoBaby, it was a chance to win high-quality products made in France products for babies (nappies, care products, clothing, food etc.).

The results were outstanding: more than 10,000 people participated, with 10,628 in all!

This is twice as many as usual for this type of initiative.

In terms of brand visibility, we reached 110,000 people on social media and 40,000 through our newsletters, while getting nearly 445,000 impressions on our site. 

This boosted our social media engagement and helped us maintain normal traffic levels during the confinement period.

It was a huge success, not only for us but for the 18 brands that participated as well.

The next contest is under development on the theme “Baby’s first spring” as lockdown measures begin to ease.

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