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For more than a week now, our logistics teams have been hard at work to help our brands reach our customers again.
We want to express our appreciation for their amazing efforts. A huge thanks to:

Thank you to Leers’s team:
Abderrahman, Antoine, Bertrand, Charlotte, Christelle, Christophe, Corinne, Dominique, Emmanuelle B, Emmanuelle G, Eric, Fabien, Fatima, Fatma, François, Gaetan, Gwenaelle, Hakim, Héléna, Jacques, Jean Marie, Kevin, Laurence, Loic, Lucy, Marcel, Maria, Mohamed, Patrice, Sabrina, Saïd, Sandrine, Sébastien, Séverine L, Séverine R, Stéphanie, Sylvain Thibault, Tony, Vincent 

Thank you to Dourges’s team:
Aimé, Alain, Alexandra, Astrid, Audrey, Aurélie, Benamar, Cedric, David, Delphine, Emmanuelle, Fabrice, Farès, Gina, Karin, Marie, Marjorie, Mathieu, Medhi, Mélina, Nadia, Nicolas, Nicolas, Philippe, Ratiba, Remi, Sandrine, Sylvie

Thank you to Dagneux’s team :
Agnes, Amandine, Camille, Carole, Colline, Coralie, Emilie, Hedi, Julie, Luc, Nacer, Nadine, Nou, Pascal, Sonja, Thérèse, William, Yannick.

To cheer them on and show our support for them, we created the hashtag #Ilovelog so you can send them messages of encouragement. Send us your photos and messages by uploading it to the I Love Log drive.
We’ll pass them on.

How to 

> Print the logo or bring it up on your tablet or smartphone, or if you don’t have a printer, get out your paper and crayons
> Hold it in front of you 
> Put on your best smile (your real one – no filters please!)
> Ask someone to take your photo in square format (might be a bit hard on your own with your hands full)

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