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Parent Q&A with Rigolo Comme La Vie experts

Watch Rigolo Comme La Vie professionals answer parents’ questions online every Thursday on the Rigolo Comme La Vie Facebook page.

Acting in the interest of children is what motivates all the brands in the ÏDKIDS community. It also means acting with and for parents. This entails providing information and platforms to help them, guide them, inspire them and solve common problems in a spirit of openness.

Mindful of families’ needs and the role played by parents, professionals from Rigolo Comme La Vie, in partnership with the ÏDKIDS community, have made a series of twenty easy-to-understand videos to answer parents’ questions on a variety of subjects such as health and education.

Pauline, an early childhood educator, and Elise, a childcare assistant at Rigolo Comme La Vie, share their professional opinions, advice and tips to answer some common questions, such as “My child won’t sleep alone. What should I do?” “My child is starting crèche and I’m worried.” “Is it safe to leave your baby sleeping in a baby capsule?” “What’s the best way to wean a baby off a dummy?”

This is yet another way for Rigolo Comme La Vie to share its vision of meeting growing children’s needs by valuing their knowledge, respecting their learning pace and encouraging parents to help them explore.

  • A word from Kim, ÏDKIDS content manager

“I went to meet professionals from the Rigolo Comme La Vie crèches to ask them questions that every parent asks at some point, like ‘Should you go to a friend’s house in the evening with your baby?’ ‘How do you prepare your child for the arrival of a little brother or sister?’ ‘How can you help your child to play independently?’ The staff were simply amazing! I can’t praise them enough for the way they answered my questions. Their answers showed respect and insight. They had no preconceived ideas and gave a lot of thought to what they said.

For example, when I asked them about the best baby carrier to buy, they spoke about the technical features of a good carrier but then went a lot further. They answered me with a question of their own: ‘What does carrying a baby mean? You don’t just hold babies on their tummy or back, you hold their gaze and hold their confidence. You support their development in an enquiring, caring way.’ That was the Rigolo Comme La Vie touch!”

Watch one of the first episodes

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