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Mini-donations are back for the festive season!

This community drive has been held in our stores twice a year since 2015. The idea behind it is giving a little to make a big difference. Many of the brands in the ÏDKIDS community support the mini-donations campaign in France – and now abroad. All of the funds raised are donated to charities supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

During the campaign, customers who shop with ÏDKIDS community brands are asked to round up their total spend to the nearest euro to support charities that help educate vulnerable children.

  • ÏDKIDS and Okaïdi will run their campaigns from 17 November to 31 December. The funds raised will be donated to Sport dans la Ville, a French sports charity helping 6,000 young people to integrate socially and in the workplace, and Ensemble Pour l’Éducation, which responds to the educational challenges in today’s society and makes early childhood a priority area to help reduce inequality. Internationally the campaign will run in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, China and Canada. Each country selects a local charity in association with the ÏDKIDS foundation.
  • The Jacadi campaign will run for the whole of December. The funds raised will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages France which works tirelessly to protect children’s rights by developing a range of community-based programmes. It mainly works to keep together siblings who are in foster care and have entered the justice system. The mini-donation campaign will also kick off in Austria, Germany and Italy.

In 2016 the two campaigns we ran in our stores raised 85,000 euros for charity. By extending the initiative to other countries, ÏDKIDS hopes to share this community initiative with more people than ever before. See you in store!

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