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Okaïdi partners with Surfrider Foundation Europe

Since 2012 Okaïdi and Surfrider Foundation Europe have worked tirelessly to promote respect for and protect the oceans. As a result of this partnership almost 50,000 children learn about protecting the marine environment each year.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a not-for-profit organization that works to protect and improve lakes, rivers, oceans, waves and coastlines. It has more than 12,000 members and its volunteer network is active in nine different countries. 

In 2017 Okaïdi teamed up with Surfrider Foundation Europe once again to organize a number of initiatives: 

  • Okaïdi donated 30,000 euros to Surfrider to support its educational programme to protect the oceans. 
  • An environmentally-friendly capsule collection was designed and displayed in Okaïdi stores and on the internet. It featured two T-shirts containing responsibly-sourced cotton, two swimsuits (one made from recycled polyester) and a beach bag.
  • Okaïdi also created a mobile game app to accompany the launch. It was designed as a fun, interesting way for children aged 6 and over to learn about how to protect the oceans. Three challenges must be completed to safeguard the oceans: save the marine turtles, protect the coral and remove rubbish from the beach.
  • On 8 June (World Oceans Day) the entire ÏDKIDS community (including customers, employees and singers from the group We Are World Citizens) posted photos of themselves helping to safeguard the planet on social media with the hashtag #ACTFORTHEOCEAN. The initiative encourages everyone to take simple steps to protect the environment, such as reducing waste, using greener modes of transport and saving water and energy. The hashtag was then reposted by bloggers, encouraging parents and children to join Okaïdi in making a difference. 

This partnership is another way for ÏDKIDS to bring together its stakeholders to help protect the environment and support sustainable development.

What about you? What sort of planet do you want to leave your children? Get involved and #ACTFORTHEOCEAN!

Watch the YouTube video on the Surfrider/ÏDKIDS partnership 

  Find out more on the Okaïdi website Download the Okaïdi Planet Challenge app

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