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Jacadi celebrates new and expecting mums with Mum-to-be Party

In 2017 Jacadi will attend all of the Mum-to-be Party events for brand new and expecting mums in Paris and the provinces.

Mum-to-be Party is the all-in-one wellbeing destination for new and expecting mums looking to relax and have fun during and after their pregnancy. Because there were few opportunities for mums-to-be to meet up and talk about subjects such as beauty and wellbeing, Mum-to-be Party was set up in 2010 to address the subject of pregnancy from a positive, glamorous point of view.

These intimate events (35 attendees) are free of charge and bring together mums-to-be at workshops led by professionals and experienced mums.

Jacadi’s participation is part of its commitment to support the next generation of mums by offering opportunities for friendship, fun and sharing. Mums are always thrilled by Jacadi’s small gestures and special discounts.

Jacadi’s first event was a wellbeing workshop on 27 June, from 6.30pm to 10pm, in a cosy apartment in the heart of Montmartre. Highlights included discussions with a perinatal consultant on breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, a pregnancy fashion & accessories workshop and naturopath tips on a healthy diet during pregnancy, all accompanied by a tasty selection of fresh vegetable juices.

The mums(-to-be) were delighted to see the latest additions to Jacadi’s collection and how committed the brand is to the community.

The next events will be held on 12 September in Paris and 26 September in Nantes.

Learn more and register for free at: http://www.mumtobeparty.com/

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