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A closer look at Jacadi’s convertible cot that grows with your child

Jacadi Paris offers parents elegant, practical and modular furniture made in France. One of its latest arrivals is the Brume convertible cot!

Perfect for smaller bedrooms, this durable piece of furniture accompanies infants from birth to about age 6 by adapting to their growing needs. No need to buy add-ons at each stage of their development – you get everything you need up front.

  • 0 to 4 months: the cot

This all-in-one solution of a cot with changing table and storage is the perfect choice for new mums and will keep your baby cosy from birth. The changing table and cot are all in one piece, which is very practical.

  • 5 months to 2 years: the safe toddler bed

As your baby grows the cot becomes a toddler bed and the changing table with storage can be moved elsewhere or kept next to the bed depending on the space available. This gives you a variety of room layout options. This product also features a night light with a movement sensor. Placed under the cot and then under the bed, it automatically turns on and lights up the ground for about 20 seconds. Its soothing light is a useful feature when you pop in to check on your little one or to reassure older children if they have to get up during the night.

  • 2 to 6 years: the daybed

The toddler bed gives way to a daybed that your child can get out of alone (made easier by the night light with movement sensor). The remaining side and two guard rails make for a more open yet safe enclosure that protects your sleeping child.

Like all the products in the Brume range, the convertible cot is made from solid beech and is solvent-free for the safety of your little one. The lacquer used in Jacadi furniture contains no toxic ingredients (it is water-based with no solvent-based emulsion or volatile organic compounds). The laboratory-tested paints meet all French and European chemical standards. Another bonus is that the product in made in France.

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