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ÏDKIDS welcomes a new member with a focus on responsible mobility: Cmabulle

The journey-sharing service for parents taking children to after-school activities completes its range of beneficial and involved services

Fanny Oliveira and Florence Résillot, entrepreneurs and mobility experts, have created an effective service with two separate components: 

  • A ride-sharing community app designed in conjunction with users that enables its 2,000 members to exchange requirements and solutions for transporting their children by car, train, metro, bus or on foot and easily make any arrangements. 
  • An extensive support network of transport operators (e.g. schools, after-school clubs and families). This expert approach encompasses analyses, mobility advice and practical collaborative workshops with families and organizations. It means Cmabulle can offer tailored multimodal transport options and alternative ways for families to ferry their children. 

Cmabulle enriches the ÏDKIDS community by offering a value-added service that is useful, responsible and sustainable. It makes family life easier, supports parents in their role, keeps children entertained and stimulated, and helps to limit pollution and climate change. The project is fully in line with the We Act For Kids ethos of the ÏDKIDS community. Visit the Cmabulle website

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