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Manuella Garcia: head of management training

Managers don’t just manage roles, they manage people.

“To help our managers develop more of a coaching mentality, we work on their interpersonal and situational skills. This approach combines our three basic principles – care, trust and liberate – and makes them the daily focus of managerial relationships.

Managers become facilitators by asking the right questions and adopting a ‘mirror’ approach to help employees develop their autonomy and sense of responsibility. Instead of dishing out all the answers from on high they prompt their staff to find their own solutions and urge them to take initiative.

Allowing people to make mistakes encourages them to take the risks needed for innovation.

Managers don’t just manage roles, they manage people with all their hopes and dreams, even if this falls outside the manager’s operational scope. In concrete terms this means managers conducting career development interviews themselves rather than leaving them to the HR department, for instance.

The goal is to make the twelve managerial values an integral part of both day-to-day operations and the company’s business as a whole.”

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