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Orientation day for Okaïdi and Jacadi employees in Shanghai, China

On 27 February staff from ÏDKIDS head office held an orientation day for 120 Okaïdi and Jacadi employees, including store managers and all head office staff from Shanghai.

Geneviève Aerts, ÏDKIDS community director of culture and reputation, Cédric Dardenne, ÏDKIDS CEO and Eric Venel, Jacadi CEO, had a clear mission to fulfil: transcend borders to integrate Chinese employees into the ÏDKIDS community and teach them about our We Act For Kids ethos.

The topics covered were:

  • How it all began: the ÏDKIDS community is a dynamic family group with a long history in the Hauts-de France region.
  • What We Act For Kids is all about: “Working to make a better world for growing children”.
  • The cultural platform and commitments made by each of the community’s brands.
  • And preparing everyone for the challenges ahead in the next 20 years!

Following the presentations a series of group workshops was held in which participants gave their feedback and discussed the key messages and how best to convey them to their teams. Cultural gaps were bridged and knowledge was shared.

  • Thomas Le Grand, Asia retail director

“The ÏDKIDS community has been in China for just over 10 years now. It started with the first Jacadi store in 2006 followed by Okaïdi in 2007. For the past three years our growth has accelerated rapidly. Now we have 23 Jacadi stores and 44 Okaïdi stores in China. It doesn’t stop there. Two more new stores will be opening on 28 April 2018: Okaïdi in Nanjing and Jacadi in Xian. With more to come! Counting all of the brands, there are about 330 ÏDKIDS community employees in China. Both of our brands are perceived as high quality. The universal values of Okaïdi and the Parisian elegance of Jacadi have made a very positive impression and the brands have a strong customer base.

There are 5,000 different childrenswear brands in China, so our We Act For Kids ethos is more important than ever if we want to make our mark in this industry. Our growth depends on the uniqueness of our brands: their commitment, their involvement and their benefits. These strong foundations will ensure we stand the test of time!”

Some feedback from China

  • Lily, Okaïdi store manager, Shanghai Kerry Center

“I joined the ÏDKIDS community in 2015. I enjoy working for Okaïdi, the brand’s values bring a sense of pride and recognition. It’s not just a job, it’s a career! Now I have a clear vision of the brand’s mission and I fully support its core philosophy and values of Respect, Sharing and Progress. There is a great working atmosphere and I have a good relationship with my managers and colleagues. The orientation day gave me the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and understanding of the community and its brands; for example, the fact that Okaïdi is a universal brand that respects the identity of every child. I shared what I learned with my team at one of our recent meetings. I also enjoyed hearing about Roubaix, because Paris was the only French city I knew anything about!”

  • Chris, Okaïdi store manager, Shanghai Chamtime 

“I started working at Okaïdi in October. The big difference between Okaïdi and the retailer I worked for previously is the company’s values. We are more people-oriented and take care of each other. We also take care of children through the We Act For Kids ethos. I thought the orientation day would be focused on sales figures and bottom lines, but it was much more than that! The presenters gave us a great insight into the community’s identity, projects and goals. Now I have a much better understanding of what our brands do and how to use our tools (e.g. the responsibility tree). The most surprising thing I learned is that our values were inspired by the scout movement! I shared what I learned with my team verbally and in writing. Each member of the team took the time to carefully review the material. They appreciate the company’s investment in its employees.”

  • Léon, logistics manager

“This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of participating in this event since I joined the Okaïdi community six years ago. It was an opportunity for me to better understand the identity of our group and what we can accomplish together. I learned some interesting facts about the history of our brands and how to use some of our corporate tools such as the paradox triangle.”

  • Steven, Okaïdi senior manager, Beijing Miyun Living Mall

“My recent experience has taught me how to manage my responsibilities, but Okaïdi has taken my job to the next level! For example, my experience was useful to Okaïdi for the store opening. I’m proud the opening was a success and I’m already looking forward to the next one! The ÏDKIDS community is really vibrant. We all work together to pursue our goal of helping children all over the world. The orientation day helped shape my understanding of Okaïdi’s mission, values and meaning, and our shared history.”

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