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Next stop Japan: training the Okaïdi teams

In April two new Okaïdi stores opened in shopping centres in urban Tokyo, Japan. To help complete the staff training programme and implement the brand’s processes, Jacqueline – a trainer and training coordinator from France – went to visit them.

“I spent a week in Japan with staff from Makuhari and Mori, our two stores close to Tokyo. I was there to listen to staff, answer any questions about the brand or the company’s history, share best practice, communicate the essence of the Okaïdi brand and give meaning to what they were doing.

The culture is unlike our own and requires a very different sales approach. I met some great people who were all keen to listen, full of enthusiasm and very motivated to make Okaïdi a success in Japan.

They loved the products and how well they were made. Finding out more about the company gave them a sense of belonging and brought them closer to the brand. When you are far away geographically, regular visits help to boost staff energy and motivation levels.

To make my visit as successful as possible, I came with an interpreter and the country manager, Yannick, so I could talk to everybody in the team. I spent a great week sharing information and ideas and I learned a lot!”

An excellent example of how intercultural dialogue and shared best practice can transcend geographical and language barriers. The adventure will continue in November with the opening of two more stores in the Land of the Rising Sun!

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