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Looking for work experience or a work placement? You’ve come to the right place!

Every year the ÏDKIDS community takes on and trains over 1,000 interns and apprentices. On 12 April our staff will answer students’ questions directly on the JobTeaser website.

One of the ÏDKIDS community’s main goals is to make talented young people more employable by teaching them a trade and giving them responsibilities. This helps them integrate into the workplace and gives them the confidence to do well at their first job.

For every student in our ranks we endeavour to prioritize their integration, adapt their role to suit their training commitments, offer monthly follow-ups with their mentor and be transparent about employment opportunities at the end of their internship/apprenticeship.

Join us on Thursday 12 April at 6pm for a one-hour live stream on Jobteaser, Europe’s leading online recruitment platform designed to make it easier for talented young people to enter the workplace and reinventing how they do it!


  • Juliette Marchand, talent manager, will present the ÏDKIDS community, its values and its We Act For Kids ethos.
  • Constance Segard, HR partner, will talk about her journey from intern to apprentice to permanent employee.
  • Béatrice Medjkoune, publishing manager, will discuss her experience as a mentor.

How would you like a brighter future as part of the ÏDKIDS community?

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  • Juliette Marchand, talent manager

“I graduated in human resources and coaching and joined the ÏDKIDS community four years ago to help staff and managers recruit and develop new talent. I discovered human resources through management when I was working in my first job at a store for three years. The bug bit me and led me to work in the HR departments of different textile retailers as well as for an HR consultancy. I am delighted to be talking about the ÏDKIDS community and answering students’ questions on recruitment.”

  • Constance Segard, HR partner

“As a business school graduate, I wanted to expand my knowledge of human resources by combining a Master in HR with an apprenticeship. After an internship with Okaïdi at the end of my studies, I had the opportunity to continue as an apprentice. During this year I was mainly responsible for recruiting managers for the store network in France and the relationships with schools. I was fortunate enough to be hired at the end of my apprenticeship and I quickly expanded my skills by accepting the post of HR partner for the French network. Today I support 70 stores and managers in all areas of HR. The HR partner implements the group’s HR policies and values and provides staff with expert support and advice so that they can grow into Responsible and Happy Intrapreneurs! I really enjoy the fact that the retail industry is constantly evolving and that customer service is our number one priority.”

  • Béatrice Medjkoune, publishing manager

“As a mum of four with a master’s degree in marketing, I joined Oxybul as an intern determined to be useful and part of a committed retail brand. In the past 15 years I’ve held a number of different marketing and communication positions which kept my energy levels high, fed my curiosity and taught me new things. Now I’m responsible for the group’s publishing division and the Bubble media brand, and my role is to coordinate the production and distribution of content to reflect our collective commitment to We Act For Kids. It requires teamwork to nurture talent, discover synergies and foster collaborative ways of working. I enjoy every day and am happy to share this with the students by answering their questions!”

  • Jonathan Bourgeois Paci, Jacadi apprentice student assistant manager in charge of customer satisfaction

“After completing an assistant manager training certificate as an apprentice with Saint James, a nautical fashion retailer, I joined Jacadi as apprentice student assistant manager in charge of customer satisfaction in the third year of my Marketing & Business Development degree at IDRAC Business School. My main responsibility is supervising customer service operations.”

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