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Inaugural ÏDKIDS store in the United Kingdom

On 17 May 2018 the first ÏDKIDS UK store opened its doors in the Southside Wandsworth shopping centre in London, the perfect location for three brands committed to meeting growing children’s needs.

 The ÏDKIDS London store will be home to three prominent brands from the ÏDKIDS community: Okaïdi, Obaïbi and Oxybul. The idea is to make parents’ lives easier by offering a one-stop shop of children’s products that are well designed and well made and supporting them with advice and ideas to meet the needs of growing children. Not to mention bringing parents and their children closer together and forging new relationships around beneficial brands and social initiatives to help create a better world.

 Jean Duforest, co-founder of the ÏDKIDS community: “Our aim is to unite all staff, customers and partners around a single body of beneficial and involved brands in order to help children develop to their full potential.”

From 17 May you’ll find clothing, accessories, footwear, toys & games and a team of ten staff members waiting to welcome customers to the 190 sqm store.

Emilie, international project manager:

“I joined the ÏDKIDS community 16 years ago. I started with Okaïdi from 2002 to 2007, moved to Jacadi from 2007 to 2017 and have been with Oxybul since last year to help the brand grow internationally. To start with I had to make the Oxybul information system compatible with the systems used by the other brands in the community. This technical work led to a number of changes and improvements. And the store opening in London was the driving force behind these changes.

The project first came about in March 2017 when we were contacted by our future partner, Philip Bier, a Dane who had already opened 44 TIGER stores (now known as Flying Tiger Copenhagen) between 2005 and 2015, when he sold his network back to the parent company. On one of his trips to France he visited the Oxybul store in Nice. He felt in tune with the brand’s objectives and values, particularly the ‘play and learn’ approach, the importance given to communication and the support for developing children. We presented our global ÏDKIDS concept to him and he was drawn to Okaidi’s unique approach. The project was launched! We decided to commit to a 10-year partnership with a plan to open 50 stores in the United Kingdom, starting with Southside.

On 11 May I’ll meet with the new team to talk about how the ÏDKIDS community got started, our We Act For Kids ethos, the commitments made by each of our brands and how we’re going to work together towards an exciting future.”

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