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A closer look at ÏDTALENTS, the ÏDKIDS referral platform

ÏDKIDS launched ÏDTALENTS a year ago to support its growth and boost recruitment. Because we all know someone who knows someone who is just like us and a perfect fit.

Because our employees are best placed to be ÏDKIDS ambassadors and recognize if someone has an affinity with our values of Respect, Sharing and Progress, this platform has proven to be an excellent tool for discovering new talent.

Simple, user-friendly and designed with Keycoopt, a leading referral organization, it features all job postings from the ÏDKIDS community brands. Any employee can recommend a candidate for a position and, to this effect, can ask to receive targeted ads if they are likely to know someone suitable. It is also used to advertise positions internally. Referring an applicant is a meaningful, empowering and rewarding act that reflects the positive feeling that comes from working as a member of the ÏDKIDS team. If a recommended candidate is hired, the referrer is rewarded and the ÏDKIDS foundation receives a 150 euro donation. Another way the company works to protect children!

With ÏDTALENTS we can:

  • Advertise jobs in a transparent way.
  • Promote internal mobility and discover new talent.
  • Improve the quality of applicants.
  • Minimize the recruiting period.
  • Show we value the opinions of our employees.

Listen to Laetitia, one of our regional managers, who has already made two successful referrals.

 Jeanne, an e-merchandiser with the group, talks about her own experience when the platform was launched:

“Thanks to the emails sent to me via the platform I was quickly able to see the positions available within the group. It was great to be able to find out about current recruitment opportunities quickly and easily and then think about whether I knew anyone suitable for the role. When I saw the ad for a product manager, I thought of Chloé straightaway, a friend of mine from university. I trusted her and knew that her experience and personality were a good fit for the company. She had already talked to me about her interest in the group. After telling her about the opening I forwarded her application to ÏDTALENTS. It wasn’t long before she was meeting with the HR teams and the recruitment manager. The platform sent me regular email updates on how her application was progressing. It was so quick and easy! Chloé’s interviews went really well. She was impressed with the atmosphere in the company and very enthusiastic about We Act For Kids. I was delighted to learn that she’ll soon be starting work with the group. I found the referral process enjoyable and rewarding. It made me want to keep going and I’ve just referred another friend! It’s a great system, and we all know someone who knows someone who…”

There are currently about 40 job postings online, and since February there have been 70 referrals and seven successful recruitments via ÏDTALENTS. That’s about one new recruitment a month via the platform!

To find out more about working for ÏDKIDS, visit our LinkedIn page and our brands’ pages.

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