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ÏDKIDS partners with Université de Lille 1

For three months the ÏDKIDS Research & Data team will lead groups of students studying for their master’s in Information and Decision Support Systems in researching the theme of enterprise data.

Two groups of first-year graduate students at Université de Lille 1 spent time at ÏDKIDS head office in Roubaix at the beginning of January and will be regularly monitored by the ÏDKIDS Research & Data team until their research is complete.

The programme is in line with the ÏDKIDS community values of Sharing and Progress. This collaboration can serve as a research platform for young graduates with data training and it offers a fresh perspective, giving us new insight into our customers to better meet their needs. Understanding the relationship between customers’ habits, preferences and expectations is a major strategic challenge and the key to good decision-making.

The research is focused on two areas:

  • Modelling a product recommendation engine for customers of the Oxybul website based on their order history and the profile of similar customers.
  • Analysing how well Okaïdi customers relate to the various communication channels used to better understand what news and highlights they’d like to see in store or on the Internet.

The students were very enthusiastic about both subjects and the ÏDKIDS teams were delighted to spend such valuable time with tomorrow’s young talent.

Walid is one of the students taking part in the programme

“This partnership between Université de Lille 1’s Master in IDSS and ÏDKIDS is a great way to consolidate the relationship and links between two inseparable sectors, namely higher education and business. It enables the university to reinforce the educational content of its course with concrete experiences in a business environment and adapt its teaching in line with market needs. It also offers the company a service based on solid theoretical knowledge supervised by research professors.”

  • What are the main challenges of enterprise data?

“Data have become a very important digital asset for companies. Useful knowledge can now be extracted from them using established techniques. This knowledge helps companies better manage their different departments, particularly marketing and production.”

  • What excited you most about working with ÏDKIDS?

“Working with ÏDKIDS is an opportunity to apply what I learn during my theoretical training. Having access to large quantities of real data is vital if you want to put theory into practice. And the topics we’re working on are interesting and current. It means we can add value to the business at the end of the research period, which is not only good experience but very satisfying on a personal level.”

  • What are you expecting from this partnership?

“This partnership is an opportunity to gain valuable business experience working with data. The members of ÏDKIDS are always available to guide us and we are always ready to listen to their advice to do the best job we can.”

More information on the Master in IDSS at Université de Lille 1:

The aim of this master’s degree is to meet the growing demand for specialists who understand the technical aspects of the information chain (automated decision-making), can perform a quantitative analysis of a situation and offer a predictive decision-making approach based on in-depth knowledge of business issues. It offers students high-level teaching in business intelligence with a focus on Big Data and prides itself on creating close partnerships with business.  

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