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Oxybul celebrates talent

Oxybul customers were treated to an exposition of its exclusive Talent brands of games from 15 to 29 May 2019.

As symbolized by the three faces of the cube on its logo, Oxybul strives to bring out and develop the full potential of every child through play. Heart, body and mind all receive equal attention as every type of intelligence is catered to with care.

The name of the game is learning through play.

For 30 years Oxybul has devised games that make learning a whole lot of fun.

Children are encouraged to:

Created with parents and approved by experts, Oxybul Talent brandsgames are designed to let each child learn at their own pace in line with their basic needs.

The fifteen ranges of games featured prominently in-store and online on 15-29 May 2019 with a special introductory 20% discount.

Jacadi and Okaïdi customers can also learn more about Oxybul’s Early Potential ranges and introductory specials in a leaflet.

Discover the 15 Oxybul Talent brands
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