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Recycling materially with Okaïdi!

Committed since its inception to progress in terms of CSR, Okaïdi has set up a recycling chain for its leftover promotional material

From the outset Okaïdi has followed a CSR policy called HESSERBraC. Not given to standing still, lately the marketing department has reaffirmed its strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Until recently, leftover point-of-sale displays were partly recycled to make customer loyalty cards.

An audit carried out a year ago with the aim of using less store marketing material led to a cut in the number of point-of-sale shop windows from four to two and of language versions from 17 to nine.

It also resulted in the setup of a new recycling chain to process all leftover posters, window backdrops and in-store promotional and informational displays.  This is where recycling and waste recovery specialist Paprec comes in. Every three months Paprec collects all of our white plastic, transparent plastic and cardboard advertising material from our Leers warehouse.

PVC displays rolled into bundles with elastics or packed in cardboard boxes are sorted, compacted and sent out:

  • PVC is ground, compacted, granulated and sold as a raw material.
  • Cardboard is ground, baled and sold to paper manufacturers to be made into new cardboard boxes.
  • Pallets are ground on site and sold as wood pellets to be used as fuel in industrial boilers.

In its first year, 7 tonnes of paper and cardboard and 8.4 tonnes of plastic were recycled under the scheme.

Recycling report April 2018 to April 2019:

Cardboard & Paper :

  • 7 tonnes recycled
  • Savings for the planet :
    • 118 trees
    • 700 cbm of water
    • 7000 litres of oil
    • 17,2 tonnes de carbon emissions
    • 21 cbm of landfills
  • Made from recycled materials :
    • 5 251 kg of paper
    • 6 790 kg of cardboard
    • 28 879 shoe boxes
    • 115 516 egg boxes

Plastic :

  • 8,4 tonnes recycled
  • Savings for the planet :
    • 6,7 tonnes of oil
    • energy
  • Made from recycled materials :
    • polar fleece, carpets/rugs, polyester fill for duvets and pillows out of transparent plastic
    • garden furniture, pipes/hoses, bins, pens out of opaque plastic

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