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A global CSR approach

Our responsibilities

Our corporate responsibility is to grow the business in a sustainable way in line with our WE ACT FOR KIDS commitment. This is based on our CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) policy: HESSERBraC. It inspires and guides individual and collective action and decisions on a daily basis.

Our first and foremost responsibility is to put people at the centre of everything we do by making balance, fairness, wellbeing and personal fulfilment top priorities.

  • Human

    Our main responsibility is to put PEOPLE at the heart of our commitments.

  • Entrepreneurial

    It is our ECONOMIC responsibility to develop the business in a sustainable way to meet the needs of all our customers while respecting future generations.

  • Social

    It is our COLLECTIVE responsibility to foster trust, progress and individual fulfilment.

  • Societal

    It is our POLITICAL responsibility to create links between all the stakeholders in our business model in the interest of the common good.

  • Environmental

    It is our ECOLOGICAL responsibility to encourage and allow sustainable development in our environment.

  • Responsibilities

  • Brands

    It is our PROFESSIONAL responsibility to unite communities of people around involved products and services that benefit children.

  • Children

    Respecting the world’s children and guiding them along the path of progress is our REASON FOR BEING.

Our responsibilities

We Act for Kids reaches far beyond our employees. Through our brands we unite, motivate and support all community stakeholders so we can move forward together.

Ethical Charter

To help all members of the community (employees, partners and suppliers) to be “intrapreneurs” who can decide and act freely, ÏDKIDS has drawn up an Ethical Charter.

This document is the point of reference for all stakeholders in the ÏDKIDS community.

Its aim is to help all members of the ÏDKIDS community move along the path of progress that WE ACT FOR KIDS represents, working together to create and distribute products and services that respect HESSERBraC.

It reiterates our founding values, collective and individual responsibilities and the approach expected of everyone. 

It is complemented by an Employee Code of Conduct, which sets out the behavioural standards everyone should adopt and guides the way we work. All employees are active participants in this project and also our brand ambassadors. They must therefore set an example as far as ethics are concerned.

The Ethical Charter is also backed by a Partner and Supplier Code of Conduct. It sets out the framework and guiding principles of any collaboration with the ÏDKIDS community. It outlines our joint commitments in terms of:

  • respecting and promoting human and labour rights,
  • respecting the environment,
  • overcoming corruption, influence peddling, fraud, money laundering and conflicts of interest,
  • protecting ÏDKIDS community confidential information and expertise.

Finally, the Ethical Charter explains how and who to contact with any ethical questions.