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It’s Love Bag time!

Okaïdi and Obaïbi are encouraging their customers to give their clothes a second life. This simple act is an important step towards more sustainable consumption and helps to teach children about environmental responsibility.

The Love Bag campaign will be back in stores on 3 October.

What is it all about? Environmentally-friendly bags (100% recycled) are given to customers so they can bring their children’s clothing, household linen and shoes (tied together in pairs) into the store. Neither their brand nor condition matters, and there is no limit on quantity.

The bags of used clothing and shoes are then given to our partner I:CO, an international collection specialist, for reuse or recycling. I:CO takes them to the nearest processing centre where they are sorted by hand. They are then transferred, reused or recycled.

Two hundred tonnes of textiles have been collected since this initiative was launched in France in 2008.

To take it one step further and help spread civic engagement, the initiative will be rolled out for an unlimited period in all Okaïdi-Obaïbi and ÏDKIDS stores in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.

The in-store event is also a great opportunity to talk to young children about the importance of helping our planet.

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