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BACKSTAGE: Why not take advantage of shorter working hours for skills development?

Given the current health crisis, the French government has offered to fund training for employee skills development.

ÏDKIDS is taking advantage of the opportunity!

A total of 180 employees from the ÏDKIDS head office will be taking a fully digital training course in May.
Each employee could choose from a list of six courses to address:

  • individual skills improvement needs
  • company needs for support for its economic recovery and transformation

The courses are focused on project management, leading change, digital technology in in-store customer relations, design thinking and staff development (self-confidence and assertiveness).

All of these courses are fully digital and alternate between:

  • self-paced learning (employees could connect anytime during their working hours), and
  • group lessons (virtual classes with participants connected at the same time)

They are set up as intra-company classes (only employees from the group, so shared topics can be discussed) and supported by an instructor from a training organisation (who challenges trainees, answers questions and corrects exercises).

The training team got everything ready in record time to find a training organisation,

let employees choose a course and submit the funding request.

Employees were also lightening quick to show their interest in completing these training courses, particularly during a videoconference held to discuss the training options.

This is a unique situation that offers an incredible opportunity: many employees can receive training during a short period of time when everyone’s usual duties are limited.

Well done to everyone who was involved and a special thanks to the training team for setting it all up!

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