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A closer look at development training

Newly arrived managers in the ÏDKIDS community follow a specific Management Programme with a focus on active learning methods based on an exchange of best practice, experimentation and role play.

This programme comprises two complementary parts. First up, the Management Basics course is designed for all new managers. It is followed by the Development Course designed for experienced managers.

The aim of the development course is to help managers build a fulfilling and value-creating relationship with each employee. It has been custom designed with our partner experts. This innovative approach helps managers assimilate the ÏDKIDS culture while discovering and strengthening their interpersonal and situational skills to embody the company’s values.

Some feedback from our employees

  • Frédéric, IS support and deployment manager:Our job is all about providing a service. During the training course, my colleagues helped me to take a step back from the requirements of my own role, learn about jobs I was unfamiliar with and act out different behaviours at the workshops so I could understand them better. It was an amazing experience. I came away with a much deeper understanding of what ÏDKIDS is all about: its progressive approach, beneficial initiatives and social awareness. And I couldn’t wait to pass it all on to my teams! I feel I learned a lot about people and the importance of trusting them, delegating to them and giving meaning to what they do and why they do it. I now see each member of my team in a different light and I look forward to supporting them in all our future projects.
  • Isabelle, CSR manager: “I couldn’t wait to find out what ÏDKIDS manager development was. I particularly enjoyed the role play and improvisation aspects. They were a lot of fun and they help you to ‘feel’ the events and interaction. I loved it. I am also an advocate of Nonviolent Communication, an assertive communication technique that helps people express facts, feelings and needs as a protagonist in a position of responsibility rather than engaging in negative perpetrator/victim games. My colleagues’ views on the way I behave were very encouraging and a real confidence boost. I now understand what ÏDKIDS CARE management is all about and I’m in sync with it.”
  • Anne, works manager: “I really enjoyed this course as I was able to talk to my fellow managers about our problems and our successes. Now we organize regular get-togethers to talk about current issues, any solutions we’ve tried and any best practice we might have followed and/or put in place. Managers often feel alone and the fact that the training course is organized in cycles means you can form a group and help to support each other. The structure was very enjoyable, it was both educational and fun. I got a lot more out of it than I thought I would and I am already implementing some of the advice and tools I learned. It also gave me confidence in my abilities. I can’t wait for the next session.”

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