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Zanimomusic 2: giving children a taste for music and expanding their horizons

Zanimomusic is a series of books and CDs designed to teach children about music. The first volume is a great introduction to music, stimulating children’s senses while they have fun. There is also an English version to help English speakers discover music. The latest edition is all about exploring the world!

Like the previous release, this book and CD set is published by Joyvox, the ÏDKIDS music label that produces and publishes artistic, educational and fun products to teach children about music, the world and different cultural heritages. It is supported by Oxybul.

These 12 original songs, infused with good humour and enriched with musical expression, are an excellent way for young and old alike to discover rhythm and sounds from every continent and feed their imagination. Each instrument is associated with an animal, an interesting fact and a map showing its country of origin. For example, there’s Africa with the djembe and Pikoti the hedgehog, India with the tabla and Gandhi the elephant and Spain with flamenco castanets and Zigzag the cow.

The music is simple and easy to remember. Rhythms vary in accent and length with different beats, original scales and a wide variety of tones and sounds. This music practice guides children through a sensory discovery of sound. They explore the dynamics of songs naturally through gestures and physical expression. Each song features a different instrument from the country in question, which helps children to understand and feel new sound material. Listening awakens your sound imagination!

As a partner of Zanimomusic since it was created, the Marie Jaëll Montessori Association highly recommends this second volume! Its founder Marie-Charlette Benoit, a musicologist and pianist, was one of the first in France to offer music early learning sessions, with the support of Françoise Dolto. She drew inspiration from the work of pianist, composer and education specialist Marie Jaëll and the teachings of Maria Montessori to create music teaching methods suitable for young children. The association helps to design educational materials for childcare professionals and workshops for children and their parents.

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