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Cmabulle activities at schools

On 14 December almost 90 pupils from Greater Paris took part in responsible mobility awareness workshops.

Cmabulle, in partnership with the public transport operator Keolis, successfully responded to an invitation to tender for new mobility contracts under the Grand Paris Express metro project with their complementary school public transport service. The service is currently being trialled in the Rueil Malmaison suburb of Paris.

Robespierre Nursery and Primary School is the pilot institution for the project. Cmabulle decided to make the most of this trial phase by holding a special children’s event to raise awareness of mobility issues. Children aged 8 to 9 from four different classes took part in a variety of workshops:

  • “Just Scoot” taught the children how to get about in the city, how to brake, how to spot dangers and how important it is to scooter slowly along the pavement.
  • “Build your future city” was an opportunity for the children to create their future planet using Kapla construction sets and Oxybul straws. They then had to imagine what different modes of transport would be used.
  • “Go, Robot” was a workshop run by N’Joy where the children taught robots how to get about in the city. They practised coding using different coloured labels.

These educational sessions were also a great opportunity for children and their parents to learn about Cmabulle’s values: responsible mobility and the sharing economy!

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