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Jacadi US launches “Ship from Store”!

All around the world, from Jacadi China to Jacadi US, the current pandemic situation has driven us to innovate for our customers and our business.
Julie Bourgeois, CEO USA at Jacadi, reveals its “Ship from Store” concept that launched on Thursday, 21 May in New York.

First, can you give us a rundown on the store situation in the US?
Of our 10 stores there, nine are still closed. Only the Greenwich (Connecticut) store was able to reopen on Wednesday, 20 May.
Each state has independent authority over its safety precautions and lockdown measures, which has led to differences around the country.

It’s the first store where Jacadi is launching Ship from Store.

The Flatiron store in Manhattan has also restarted operations, but in a slightly different way. What are they doing? 
This is new: It’s the first store where Jacadi is launching Ship from Store. 

Today, when an American customer places an order on Jacadi.us, the order is sent to the Dourges warehouse, which prepares and ships it out, and the customer receives it between five and ten days later.

With Ship from Store, we’re adding an extra step that customers won’t actually notice: during the order process, the system will check the store’s stock, and if the entire order is available, the store team will prepare the order and send it out instead of the warehouse team.

The customer will get a nice surprise when it arrives within 24 to 48 hours instead of the expected five to ten days.

What did you have to do to put this process in place?
Mathilde Panaget, Digital Marketing Manager at Jacadi US, headed up this pilot project and worked closely with the IT, supply and web teams. Since we’re adding an intermediate step into the order processing, the flows had to be adjusted.

The teams are increasingly involved in the digital customer experience.

What are the impacts of this project?
Well, of course the first is better customer service.
And, the role of the store teams is changing. The teams are increasingly involved in the digital customer experience.
The project will also impact our back office, with direct effects on store stock management and replenishment—an extremely important issue.
This will also reduce our carbon footprint, because we’re shipping local stock instead of products that had to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

Any other projects in the works for the Jacadi US team?
Yes! But I don’t want to reveal all the details yet—it’s still a work in progress! We’re working on other services, such as the loyalty programme. I promise I’ll share the specifics soon!

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