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Cmabulle at the first public exhibition dedicated to the sharing economy

Cmabulle, the journey-sharing service for parents transporting their children, was at the Share Paris exhibition on 22-24 September at the Espace Champerret in Paris.

For three days the exhibition gave the public a chance to discover the richness and diversity of the sharing economy. Its aim was to promote the initiatives, projects, innovations, services and third places that make up the sharing economy via presentations, stands, conference workshops and more.

One hundred and fifty exhibitors assembled in a 6,000 sqm space to discuss seven themes:

  • Smart consumption (sharing, mutual support, solidarity).
  • Mindful sustenance (local farming, short supply chains).
  • Lifelong learning and self-education (MOOCs, knowledge sharing).
  • Collaborative financing (peer-to-peer loans, crowdfunding).
  • Democratic reform (civic technology, participatory democracy).
  • Maker culture (knowledge sharing, DIY, fab labs, TechShop, repair cafés).
  • Living spaces and shared cities (shared accommodation, shared gardens, shared mobility, co-working).

Video presentation of the event

Cmabulle was asked to participate in this event as a contributor to the sharing economy. The organization is helping to create a global community of involved and responsible parents by improving the way families get around, giving time back to parents and making access to active and shared commuting easier.

Cmabulle presented its services to exhibition visitors as part of the smart consumption theme. Its focus on the family aspect was a differentiating factor for many who thought the service was extremely practical. Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, many parents left with the intention of talking to their parent-teacher association about their school creating their own “bubble”.

As well as running their own stand, the Cmabulle teams led a “building and travelling in the city” workshop for children. The idea was to have children build schools, recreation centres and houses in 3D using Oxybul construction straws and Kapla and then discuss the different ways of getting from one to the other, e.g. by air, land or underground.

The workshop was very well received by parents and children of all ages who enjoyed being imaginative and creative while learning about green transport and ecology.

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