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WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING “Thanks for your newsletter…”

Since our customers always have nice things to say about our products and services, we’re sharing a lovely message we received last week about our first “All Together” newsletter that was full of DIY projects for children and tips for parents.

“Hello, I just wanted to say thanks. Thank you for your newsletter that offers ideas, and contrary to other brands, isn’t looking to keep selling no matter what. I think the brands that come out of the crisis best will be those who helped us through this difficult time. I placed an order for my daughter just before the confinement. It was cancelled, but that’s fine because we have lots of things to do at home. I know that after this is all over, I’ll order it again from you and even more things than planned because with all this time I’m now spending with her, I’m discovering new things she likes (she’s 14 months) and I was often away for work. I noticed you closed your online shop – good on you for this difficult choice. But keeping families healthy is the most important thing right now, even if I know that business is important, too (as a freelancer, I’m losing all my contracts for months). Hang in there. Have a nice day!”

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