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Let’s keep in touch with ÏDKIDS TODAY!

During these unprecedented times, let’s find different ways to connect.
Let’s stay closer than ever.
Let’s stick together.
We can share our experiences from around the world.
And be inspired today to create a new tomorrow.

Every day, see what’s new on ÏDKIDS TODAY, the community’s continuous news feed.

The aim? To share news, information, reports, testimonials, photos, interviews and impressions in (near) real time from all those make up ÏDKIDS and its brands every day.

Have an idea? A reaction? Add a comment! Send your news! Suggest articles!

Let’s keep the information flowing together.

You have two options:

And be sure to share the news on your own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media accounts. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing by spreading the news on ÏDKIDS!

Let’s all keep working to make a better world for growing children.


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