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On the spot: three Oxybul games to smooth the way for children—and parents too!

Alice is head buyer of learning products at Oxybul.

Alice, can you recommend an Oxybul game to help parents manage their daily routines?

Sure—how about three?! On 1 October, our stores got three new games designed to give parents a helping hand while catering to the needs of children.

Little ones who haven’t yet learned to read can still tell if it’s time to sleep or get up by looking at the picture next to the clock face. Neat!

The clock grows with the child as they learn to tell the time with the hour, minute and second hands and precise minute intervals.
It was developed in conjunction with Pabobo, the leading maker of sleep-nurturing items for babies and infants.

Illustrated magnets show all the things to do that week, like school, sports, music practice—or visiting gran and gramps! With only pictures and no words, children can figure out what’s on and get ready by themselves. No more “Mom, when’s swimming lesson?” stuck on repeat!

This one’s my favourite because it’s a real ‘game-changer’ for the whole family. Here’s how it works: everyone is given personal tasks (like homework or washing) and household chores (like making the bed or clearing the table). To get the most out of it, parents also join in with activities like reading a story, playing a game or baking a cake together.
You earn a star for every task or chore completed. At the end of the day or week, you add up everyone’s stars to see who was the most diligent. It’s a great way to motivate children while teaching them to be responsible and independent. And it works best when parents get stuck in!

That’s what EDUCABUL is all about: learning while having fun!

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