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A closer look at Rigolo Comme La Vie crèches

Camille, Okaïdi coordinator and mum to Brune (aged 4) and Germain (aged 21 months), who both attend a Rigolo Comme La Vie crèche.

“When I found out I was expecting my second child, I immediately registered both of my children for a place at the Rigolo Comme La Vie crèche in Tourcoing, which is part of our ÏDKIDS network.

I’ve been really impressed by the impact on my children’s development. As a result of being in a group environment Brune, who had a nanny for two years, completely opened up to others. I like the way children are treated at Rigolo Comme La Vie. With its Montessori-inspired approach, the focus is on children’s freedom and independence. They are encouraged to move around as they please while respecting the centre’s schedules and routines. I also like how babies and children of all ages are together in the same group. It’s very rewarding for them. For example, Germain started feeding himself when he was only one year old, no doubt inspired by the older children. It wasn’t like that with Brune!

The intergenerational aspect of the crèche they attend is another plus. The children share workshops, meals and stories with the residents of the retirement home next door. They form very strong relationships and emotional ties. Brune still talks about Monsieur Pierre who waved to them every day and the stories read to them by the elderly residents. And she’s been at school since September!

I also think the crèche has an excellent relationship with the parents. The staff take our needs into account and make us feel part of things. We can take part in the good morning/welcome songs and even join the children for snack time, read them a book or play with them when we collect them at the end of the day.”

Rigolo Comme La Vie, the ÏDKIDS crèche and recreation network for children of all ages, now has 35 childcare centres attended by 2,800 children each day, spread across 5 départements north of Paris.

Each crèche is based on an educational model in line with the commitment to promote living and growing together. Some, like the crèche in Tourcoing, share premises, a garden and activities with the residents of a retirement home. They all promote social diversity, welcoming local children and families from areas that are often disadvantaged, along with the children of company employees. Any ÏDKIDS employee can enrol their children into one of the crèches on a regular, occasional or one-off basis. More information on Rigolo Comme La Vie

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