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Jacadi footwear: a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship

By using top materials and time-honoured manufacturing techniques, Jacadi’s footwear collection is truly a step above the rest! It’s got sole!

When children take their first steps, Jacadi is right by their side. The brand offers three refined ranges (Pre-walker, Walker and Child) featuring styles that are built with the evolution of the growing foot in mind.

There are many manual steps involved in the manufacture of Jacadi’s traditionally crafted footwear. The design, pattern making, leather cutting, stitching, assembly and finishing comprise around 100 steps in total.


The patterns are created by a designer who follows a collection plan based on an analysis of previous seasons.

Pattern making

The drawing is sent to the factory and converted into a 3D plastic shell. The measurements from the shell are used to create the different pattern pieces.


The pieces are then cut out in the leather. Thanks to laser cutting techniques, a minimal amount of material is lost. Some factories do their cutting manually using dies.


Next, the various pieces are joined together.

The leather lining is glued to the shoe’s leather outer. Any details on the upper (e.g. perforations or embroidery) are added.


The leather upper is placed on a last, attached to a mounting insole and then heated in an oven. The sole is glued on and the last removed.



The shoe is checked, cleaned and the finishes are refined. A finishing product is applied. This step is known as bichonnage in French (“dressing up” the shoe). Finally, the shoes are paired up. Each pair is wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a box.

Each step requires numerous skilled craftsmen including the last maker (who makes and sells the shoe lasts), the sole maker and the tanner (who converts hides into leather, making them softer and more durable).

Each component is assembled by Jacadi’s shoemakers and each product undergoes a final inspection.

Jacadi brings the greatest expertise to the table in crafting its collection of shoes, and is known for its commitment to fashion and function.

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