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Zanimomusic: songs for children and adults to enjoy together!

ÏDKIDS brands have pooled their expertise to give children aged two and over a taste for music!

This audiobook is published by JoyVox, the ÏDKIDS community music label that creates products and musical shows to promote children’s early learning and education in partnership with Oxybul.

The twelve songs on the audiobook are joyful and entertaining. They encourage participation and help children and adults learn about instruments and explore rhythm, sound and melody with the help of playful animals.

Zanimomusic features a variety of instruments that are easily recognizable by ear. Each instrument can be heard in isolation to make it easier to explore further. To stimulate the imagination, the melodies and beats come from all over the world, opening children up to different musical influences.

By developing their musical sensibility, Zanimomusic encourages children to dance, sing, free their emotions and express their creativity. The Zanimomusic audiobook is endorsed by the Marie Jaëll Montessori Association with which ÏDKIDS has partnered to develop a music learning programme for crèches, recreation centres and schools.

These workshops will be set up in conjunction with other childhood experts from the ÏDKIDS community: educators from the Rigolo Comme La Vie crèche network and staff from N’JOY which specializes in ‘play and learn’ activities.

Available from all good bookshops and http://www.oxybul.com, its release will be accompanied by a series of music learning workshops in Oxybul and ÏDKIDS stores on Wednesday 25 October.

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