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How the ÏDKIDS community brands are encouraging children to develop their creativity!

From 9 to 11 February ÏDKIDS will join forces with Maker Faire Lille. The event is an opportunity for young and old alike to feed their curiosity, be inspired by the work of others and share ideas to bring them to fruition!

This event ties in nicely with ÏDKIDS’ own values to put children in the driver’s seat, develop their talents, build their confidence and share ideas to bring them to fruition. The ÏDKIDS community brands will be there alongside the makers to share their expertise and run workshops for very young children.

Our brand managers are keen to be part of this exciting event and here they share their reasons why.

“Taking positive action and releasing your energy and creativity as part of a responsible community: the Maker Faire values are perfectly in tune with Okaïdi’s mission to encourage every child to be self-motivated, happy and responsible. Okaïdi is organizing an upcycling workshop to introduce children to environmental responsibility and give their too-small or worn-out jeans a new lease of life. They can also suggest a project that could change the world for the better – individually or with their class or family – via the Good World platform. We will help implement the most innovative projects to show them that together we can build a better world.”

  • Catherine De Bleeker – Oxybul:

“At Oxybul we work on the principle that play helps to awaken and develop children’s talents, improving their independence and self-esteem. The Maker Faire is a key event that promotes DIY culture, an important tool to help children uncover their potential and increase their confidence. We want to be by their side when it happens. These three exciting days will encourage very young children to be creative and teach them about the joy of making things for themselves.”

“Ten N’Joy activity leaders will attend Maker Faire Lille. They’ll be there to help visitors, particularly children, explore the different workshops and stands at the event. This fair was a natural choice for N’Joy as it encourages children to use their imagination and creativity. It’s exactly what our day-to-day business is all about. N’Joy promotes early learning, a team spirit and creativity in every child. When playing and experiencing new things, children develop, make discoveries and become aware of the knowledge and values that will support them as they grow. As Friday is especially for schoolchildren, we have another great opportunity to spur the youngest members of our community into action!”  

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