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The Jacadi mini-donation campaign is back!

From 23 April to 20 May 2018 Jacadi customers will be asked to round up their total spend to the nearest euro to support SOS Children’s Villages.

This community initiative has been held twice a year since 2015 in ÏDKIDS community stores. The idea is to give a little to make a big difference. All of the funds raised through our customers’ generosity are donated to charities working to help vulnerable children supported by the ÏDKIDS foundation.

On this occasion the funds will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages France. For 60 years this charity has been taking care of children in France and abroad who have no parental support or risk losing it. It is a member of SOS Children’s Villages International which is active in 134 countries.

Its purpose is to give every child (abandoned, orphaned or in the court system) their childhood back by:

  • Providing a family environment for them in an SOS Village.
  • Offering them a stable, loving relationship with an SOS mother in one of the Village’s family homes.
  • Providing personalized and multidisciplinary support.
  • Preparing them to be independent and responsible adults.
  • Giving brothers and sisters the chance of a shared childhood.

In 2018 several new projects will kick off all over the country to support and further develop the SOS Villages and contribute to the children’s wellbeing. Every mini-donation will help fund these worthwhile projects.

The charity’s aims are very much in line with Jacadi’s goals to act in the interests of children and families, particularly by supporting projects with a focus on family ties and communication.

The international stores are also involved. This year the campaign is being extended to a number of new countries. Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United States joined Germany and Italy in taking part. The funds raised will be donated to different projects in each country contributing to children’s wellbeing by helping them build family ties in the children’s villages. In the US the funds will be donated to a local charity, the Sherkow Center for Child Development and Autism Spectrum Disorder, which helps children affected by developmental delays and autism spectrum disorder.

A great cause for Jacadi to be involved with!

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