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Okaïdi honoured by REPREVE

Okaïdi wins the Champions of Sustainability Newcomer Award for its commitment to sustainable development.

To commemorate the milestone of recycling 10 billion plastic bottles and turning them into REPREVE fibre, Unifi, a global leader in synthetic recycled performance fibres (including REPREVE, a proprietary technology), created the Champions of Sustainability awards.

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These annual awards celebrate Unifi’s brand and textile partners that share in its commitment to sustainability and vision for a better tomorrow. They were presented to 40 brands and Okaïdi was a winner in the Newcomer category which recognizes key companies that started using REPREVE in the past year. Even the awards are recycled!

They are made from recycled glass by a social enterprise that promotes sustainable development and helps teenagers and young adults achieve their goals through entrepreneurship.

  • Learn more about the recycling process
  • More about Okaïdi’s commitment: a hard-wearing, crease-resistant, easy-care stretch fabric, polyester can stand up to the rough treatment children hand out to their clothes. That’s why it is one of the main fabrics used by Okaïdi. Determined to find more responsible fabrics (polyester is made from petrol), Okaïdi seized the opportunity to use REPREVE to fill its padded sleeved clothing like parkas and down jackets. In 2017, 90% of the padded sleeved clothing in Okaïdi’s and Obaïbi’s Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections were made with a recycled polyester fill. This equates to 9.3 million bottles being given a second life. This is one way Okaïdi can take concrete steps towards more responsible textiles, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using recycled materials.
  • As Najla, a market manager at Okaïdi explains: Okaïdi started using this fibre in its collections in 2017. We are happy to be part of this partnership with such a reputable, responsible company. It’s another way to raise awareness among our customers and it fits in well with our commitment to progress. We want our customers to know more about the challenges of sustainable development and help them play an important role in shaping the world for future generations. We also want to encourage them to support us by opting for more responsible fabrics, and we’d like to thank everyone who buys these products! In 2018 we are making a further commitment to REPREVE by using it for all the padding in the Okaïdi/Obaïbi Spring-Summer collections. Come and check them out for yourself!”

Fingers crossed for more awards for our increasingly sustainable collection!

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