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DAILY PHOTO: Germany is back!

Yesterday, Monday 20 April, 14 out of 20 of our  Okaïdi stores reopened in Germany. The remaining six will open on Wednesday according to the schedule for the different Länder. Sébastien Sartori, Country Manager, explains:

“Customers were happy to see our teams again and thankful that they followed all safety measures carefully in the stores.

This was all made possible thanks to the efforts of Nicole, Torsten and Simone, along with the WEEKLY ÏDKIDS (weekly in-house retail newsletter) sent to all stores to support them as they put new processes in place with help from Anaïs, from the International Coordination team.

On the  web side, our German customers also showed up in strong numbers.

…we had four times as many orders as expected, without any communication at all!

Thanks everyone! #MAGIK is back 😉

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